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The Craps table

The craps table layout can be scary - it looks a bit like it was designed by a blind man with the intention to confuse. That aside though, once you get used to it, the craps table will be one of your favorite things to see. Fat Tony used to insist on taking anyone who was new to the game straight to the casino to learn, but the times they are a-changing. The intimidation factor at the craps table is high, and so you used to need a seasoned buddy to help you get started; now all you need is an Internet connection and some reading skills!

Tony's new approach is to direct friends right to the net. Online you can read up on the rules and game-play of craps, while playing a virtual game, naked! My point is, the intimidation factor is gone completely, you can learn at your own pace, and you don't have to worry about looking like a fool.

To prove my point, have a look at the craps table:

Craps Table Layout

The large band with 'PASS' on it running around the outer edge is where you place your pass line bets, and is the starting point for most people learning the game. To learn more about the pass line bet, click here.

The center of the board contains what are known as 'proposition bets'. These are specific bets, only applying to the next roll (unlike the pass line bet for example). All sorts of exotic bets live here, but none of them have the much sought-after low house edge.

To learn about each bet available on the craps table, and how to place them, read through the good bets and bad bets pages.

You'll notice that for many bets, just as the pass line bet, there is another area on the craps table for the 'opposite' bet. The don't pass bet is the exactly opposite bet from the pass line bet; there is also a don't come area, and the numbers you can place to hit before a seven, can also be bet on not being hit before a seven.

How does the casino account for all this trickery? How could we be so lucky as to choose to bet on anything we want in the world? Simple really, the casino doesn't pay back true odds on most any bet, and the craps table is no exception. If one bet is slightly better than it's opposite, you can be sure the casino will pay you back less than you deserve if you win on it.