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Other Free Craps Games

There are a few sites out there that offer free craps other than Tony's fine establishment. Some are online games like you'll find here, others are downloads, and others are downloads that you play while online. They run the gambit all right, from good to bad, from well programmed to poorly, and basically, from fun to not fun at all.

Tony first and foremost (obviously) recommends Tony's own free craps game if your interested. It's a browser game that uses shockwave.

Your first and possibly best place to start, is with a Google Search

Big sites like and don't even offer craps. How they get away with this I have no idea, I guess nobody told them it's the most exciting game at the casino, even online. If you don't find what you're looking for there, try one of these sites: is all about free games.

Casino.Com's free games.

Ildado's free game.

ArcadePod's free game.'s free game.

I think you'll find Fat Tony's free craps game is a little nicer and more playable than the ones listed above (and the only one with chat!).